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  ACCUSED by Mark Gimenez  
  ACCUSED the latest novel from Mark Gimenez  

His wife left him for a younger man. He blames himself. He could not give her what she had needed, so another man had. Now, two years later, she needs what only he can give her: a defense to a murder charge.

In ACCUSED, the sequel to THE COLOR OF LAW, A. Scott Fenney must defend his ex-wife, Rebecca, who is accused of murdering the man she left him for.  Trey Rawlins, a rising star on the American pro golf tour, was found dead in his $4 million Galveston beach house with a butcher knife in his chest—and Rebecca's fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.  The police refuse to investigate other suspects, so Scott must. The case takes Scott to Galveston and the investigation takes him behind the scenes of the image-conscious, corporate-sponsored pro golf tour—into a world of million-dollar purses and endorsement deals, agents and caddies, groupies and WAGs, drugs and gambling. Scott digs deep into Trey Rawlins and discovers a lifestyle that cost him his life—and that now threatens Scott's.

  The COMMON LAWYER by Mark Gimenez  
  The COMMON LAWYER from Mark Gimenez  

Andy Prescott is the most laid-back young lawyer in Austin, Texas. Specialising in traffic law, he operates from a small room above a ramshackle tattoo parlour. He rides a trail bike and spends way too much time drinking beer in the sunshine. Ambition has never been Andy’s strong point—he prefers to take it easy.

That is, until one of Texas’s wealthiest men walks into his office. On the spot, billionaire Russell Reeves retains Andy as his lawyer and, in exchange for some easy legal work, pays him more money than he has ever earned before. Andy’s life is transformed.

But nothing comes for free. Russell is a desperate man whose sole aim is to save his sick seven-year-old son, Zach. He is prepared to do anything—even if it means putting Andy’s life in danger . . .

  The PERK by Mark Gimenez  
  The PERK now availablein hardback from Mark Gimenez  

City lawyer Beck Hardin hasn't been back to the small town in Texas where he grew up for more than twenty years. He has history there. Bad memories.

But when his wife dies, Beck decides to return to Fredericksburg with his two young children. Leaving the rat race behind, he re-enters a beautiful but troubled small town simmering with ancient feuds, class rivalries and racial tensions.

As he tries to reconcile with his tough, stubborn father, and adjust back to the pace of small-town life, Beck learns of an unsolved case that has haunted Fredericksburg for the past five years. The statute of limitations on the case is fast approaching, and although Beck vowed to leave the law behind him, he can't resist the opportunity to seek justice.

Yet in taking the case on, Beck has made one of the most dangerous decisions of his life . . . (UK):
"Gimenez returns to the complex legal thrillers where he seems to be at his best. The Perk has mystery, humour and history along with well-drawn characters that the reader will actually care about. As is often the case in legal thrillers, there is a mix of those characters that take the moral high ground and those who seem just out for their own good. Unusually, there are also a few comic and slightly caricatured figures here as well - but they all fit well together in the plot. Together with great characters and a strong plot there is also lots of interesting historical information. The ending may not be what is expected but it is all the better for it and proves to be a good finish to an excellent book. As ever, Gimenez is highly recommended, impossible to put down and definitely not to be missed."

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  The ABDUCTION by Mark Gimenez  
  The ABDUCTION now in paperback from Mark Gimenez  

Ben Brice lives alone in the New Mexico wilderness where he battles memories of Vietnam with oceans of Jim Beam. Miles away in Texas, his estranged son, John, an Internet geek-turned-billionaire, half watches his daughter Gracie's soccer game while conducting business on his cell phone. When her mother Elizabeth arrives, the coach reports that her uncle has already collected Gracie. But Gracie has no uncle -- she was kidnapped.

From international best-selling author Mark Gimenez comes a terrifying thriller in which dark family secrets make the finding of ten-year-old Gracie Brice more uncertain with every passing minute. And so begins a furious race against time to save Gracie from unknown kidnappers. With the FBI camped out in the Brice mansion, the family offers a reward of $25 million. Somehow, Ben and John Brice must find Gracie before it is too late. As the story unfolds with riveting twists and turns, the reader discovers that behind the kidnapping is an extraordinary government plot that could change the course of American history. And time is running out . . .


Bonnie Trachtenberg, Book-of-the-Month Club:
"There are times when life gets so overwhelming that even a good book can’t keep your mind from wandering. That’s when you need a super-riveting read like this to take you away. It’s a tale with a normally hard-to-take premise -- child abduction. But in the hands of bestselling author Mark Gimenez, it becomes a tale of humanity, heroism, and hope, with complex characters who jump off the page. Boy can this guy tell a story!"

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A poor-boy college football hero turned successful partner at a prominent Dallas firm—who long ago checked his conscience at the door—catches a case that forces him to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing.

Clark McCall, ne’er-do-well son of Texas millionaire senator and presidential hopeful Mack McCall, puts a major crimp in his father’s election plans when he winds up murdered—apparently by Shawanda Jones, a heroin-addicted hooker—after a tawdry night of booze, drugs, and rough sex.

Scott Fenney, who’s worked his way to being a partner at an elite Dallas law firm, is assigned to provide Shawanda’s pro bono defense after the federal judge on the case hears him deliver an inspiring, altruistic—and completely insincere—speech to the local bar association. Scott plans to farm the case out to an old law school buddy, do-good-attorney Bobby Herrin. But his plans go awry when Shawanda puts her foot down in court and refuses to be passed off to the lawyer she considers the lesser attorney.

As the case unfolds, pressure is exerted on Scott to deter him from being too aggressive in his defense of Shawanda. That pressure becomes palpable as Scott is slowly stripped of the things he’s come to care for most. Will he do the right thing—at a terrible cost—or the easy thing and keep his hard-earned fabulous life?


Time Out London:
THE COLOUR OF LAW "is a compulsive read that owes its heart, soul and passion to Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. In this fast-paced debut, Gimenez sinks his teeth into the manicured and corrupt world of lawyered, high-society Dallas in all its ostentatious glory: golf club memberships, fancy houses, fast cars, sleek wives and the all-encompassing reach of cold, hard power. In A. Scott Fenney—a young, rich and ruthless corporate lawyer at one of Dallas’s most prestigious firms who glibly practises ‘aggressive and creative’ law for his high-paying clients—will the world find a hero or a patsy? Only a case involving a poor, black, drug-addicted prostitute and a dead white senator’s son will tell. Warning: you can lose an entire lazy Sunday to this one.

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