End of Days

Fifty ATF agents raid a remote compound outside Waco, Texas, at dawn to execute search and arrest warrants. The search warrant identifies two .50-caliber Browning Machine Guns; the arrest warrant names Jesus Christ. The ATF agents don't make it to the front doors.

Ninety miles south in Austin, Professor John Bookman reads a letter from an old woman whose daughter took her two young girls to live in a religious cult six years before. Her daughter wrote that the End of Days is near. She fears they might drink the Kool-Aid. She begs Book to save her granddaughters. The cult inhabits a massive compound called the Garden of Eden outside Waco.

Book and his intern travel to the compound intent on bringing the girls out peaceably, only to find the Feds there first—and to learn that peace is not an option.

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The Perk

City lawyer Beck Hardin hasn’t been back to the small town in Texas where he grew up for more than twenty years. He has history there. Bad memories.

But when his wife dies, Beck decides to return to Fredericksburg with his two young children. Leaving the rat race behind, he re-enters a beautiful but troubled small town simmering with ancient feuds, class rivalries and racial tensions.

As he tries to reconcile with his tough, stubborn father, and adjust back to the pace of small-town life, Beck learns of an unsolved case that has haunted Fredericksburg for the past five years. The statute of limitations on the case is fast approaching, and although Beck vowed to leave the law behind him, he can’t resist the opportunity to seek justice.

Yet in taking the case on, Beck has made one of the most dangerous decisions of his life . . .

Best-seller lists:

  • No. 6, Ireland
  • No. 11, Australia
  • No. 17, UK


“Gimenez returns to the complex legal thrillers where he seems to be at his best. The Perk has mystery, humour and history along with well-drawn characters that the reader will actually care about. As is often the case in legal thrillers, there is a mix of those characters that take the moral high ground and those who seem just out for their own good. Unusually, there are also a few comic and slightly caricatured figures here as well – but they all fit well together in the plot. Together with great characters and a strong plot there is also lots of interesting historical information. The ending may not be what is expected but it is all the better for it and proves to be a good finish to an excellent book. As ever, Gimenez is highly recommended, impossible to put down and definitely not to be missed.”
CrimeSquad.com (UK)

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The Governor’s Wife

A Texas governor wants to be president. His wife wants to escape his suffocating ambition. A Mexican drug lord wants him dead. When the drug lord abducts the governor’s wife while she is working secretly as a nurse in a colonia on the border, Governor Bode Bonner must choose between his wife and the White House, between his life and hers.

Best-seller lists:

  • No. 2, Ireland
  • No. 8, South Africa
  • No. 22, UK


“A breathtaking read.”
Joburg.co.za (South Africa)

“It could have been the kiss of death—to be described as the next John Grisham—but so far Mark Gimenez has dodged the bullet. The Texas lawyer has quietly carved his own path, seemingly unworried about any expectations triggered by his debut thriller making the New York Times bestseller list. He writes legal thrillers—good ones. His latest novel, The Governor’s Wife, however, is not set in a courtroom but rather the governor’s mansion in Texas and the no-man’s land on the border of Texas and Mexico. His hero is not a smart, quick-stepping lawyer but a jaded governor, set for life in his home state but who hankers after the adrenaline rush of one more political adventure, a tilt at the White House. . . . Gimenez’s dialogue breathes street cred, his characters are larger than life, almost bigger than Texas, but it is the state itself that is pivotal. His books exude Texas. Violence hovers like the acrid whiff of gunpowder after the fatal shot. Here it explodes into massacre and betrayal in the raw world of illegal immigration, drug cartels and politics.”
Dominion Post Weekend (New Zealand)

“Mark Gimenez delivers another powerful thriller with his latest release The Governor’s Wife. . . . Gimenez has built a solid reputation for being a skilled storyteller and in this latest release he kicks things up a notch, intensifying the action, increasing the emotion and going all in with a plot that twists and turns, and creating multi-layered, captivating characters that are impossible not to care about.”
Houston Press

“Here’s a heady mix of drugs, sex, politics and gunfights played out in a modern Texas, a big tale that gallops along at mustang pace. . . . Mark Gimenez already has a reputation as a fine thriller writer and doesn’t disappoint here.”
The Courier-Mail (Australia)

“The no-man’s land hugging the Mexican border with the United States forms the pivotal area for plot. An ambitious politician; his estranged wife; a scheming political advisor; the politician’s mistress; a missionary doctor, ruthless lobbyists and a vengeful Mexican drug lord, the story has all the elements in their best to keep you turning pages. . . .The biggest player, history, is least mentioned but is the most powerful driving force. The Governor’s Wife is a reflection of the distribution of good and bad within us. Each character is carefully constructed with enough attention paid to detail to ensure the seamless flow of the story without compromising on the suspense. Each of them is faced with difficult choices as their personal lives are intertwined with bigger affairs in the making.”
Postnoon (India)

“An intense, exciting read.”
The Citizen (South Africa)

“The State of Texas is a world unto itself, and nowhere is more grimly fascinating than the corridor of badlands where the Lone Star meets the Mexican border. . . . Here bestselling writer Mark Gimenez takes on the Grisham mantle with a politico-legal-romantic thriller that fairly whips along. . . . You can see the movie coming a mile away, and it’ll be a cracker.”
The Melbourne Review (Australia)

“As the Governor of Texas, Bode Bonner has it all but a ticket to the White House and a wife willing to play second fiddle to his rapidly expanding ambitions. . . . Just as the cut-throat tactics set the pace for a final showdown, the unexpected depth presented by both governor and wife makes for a compelling, if slightly unusual, love story.”
The National (Dubai)

The Common Lawyer

A mother in New York sneaks her young daughter out of a research hospital. A billionaire philanthropist in Texas fights to save his dying son at all costs. A young traffic-ticket lawyer in Austin named Andy Prescott runs his legal empire out of a tiny office above a tattoo parlor and dreams of being a rich lawyer. Five lives on separate paths—until Andy defends the billionaire’s secretary against a speeding ticket. Their lives become fatefully intertwined, destined to intersect—in death. And Andy Prescott learns that a client can be too rich for his lawyer’s own good.

Best-seller lists:

  • No. 8, South Africa
  • No. 10, Ireland
  • No. 11, Australia
  • No. 13, UK

Editorial Reviews:

“The Common Lawyer is about an overpowering need to right a shocking wrong, and it contains violence, romance and some heart-warmingly managed ethical dilemmas . . . The pace is perfect; the style clean and transparent; the emotional manipulation, effective; and you can see the film from here. It will entertain many people.”
Times Literary Supplement (UK)

“Mark Gimenez writes colloquially smart dialogue but plots like an old master.”
The Australian

“The Common Lawyer is an addictive, compulsive read. With an interesting, flawed protagonist who matures as the novel progresses, a cast of well-drawn and diverse characters, and a great plot (not to mention the unexpected twist at the end), this is a must-read novel. Highly recommended, The Common Lawyer will keep you reading into the night.”
Civilian-Reader (UK)


The Color of Law aka The Colour of Law

A partner at a prominent law firm is forced to choose between his enviable lifestyle and doing the right thing. Former college football star Scott Fenney has worked his way to the top of the heap at the Dallas firm of Ford Stevens. But when Clark McCall, wayward son of a Texas politician, gets himself murdered after a night of booze, drugs, and rough sex, Scott is assigned to defend the prime suspect, a heroine-addicted hooker named Shawanda Jones. The powers that be want her convicted—and Scott’s future at the firm may depend on it. But unfortunately for Scott, Shwanada claims she’s innocent, and he believes her.

Best-seller lists:

  • No. 6, UK
  • Amazon’s Top 10 Mystery & Thriller List, 2005
  • Finalist, 2005 Thriller Award for Best First Novel
  • Top 10 of 2006, CrimeSquad.com (UK)


“First novelist Gimenez draws on his experience as an attorney in this taut legal thriller that echoes To Kill a Mockingbird. With fast-paced and edgy prose, dramatic tête-à-têtes between attorneys, and an explosive courtroom conclusion, Gimenez effectively weaves elements of race, class, and justice into a story of a lawyer who rediscovers the difference between doing good and doing well.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“The Color of Law is an unbeatable legal thriller with a lot of heart.”
Texas Monthly

THE COLOUR OF LAW “is a compulsive read that owes its heart, soul and passion to Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. In this fast-paced debut, Gimenez sinks his teeth into the manicured and corrupt world of lawyered, high-society Dallas in all its ostentatious glory: golf club memberships, fancy houses, fast cars, sleek wives and the all-encompassing reach of cold, hard power. In A. Scott Fenney—a young, rich and ruthless corporate lawyer at one of Dallas’s most prestigious firms who glibly practises ‘aggressive and creative’ law for his high-paying clients—will the world find a hero or a patsy? Only a case involving a poor, black, drug-addicted prostitute and a dead white senator’s son will tell. Warning: you can lose an entire lazy Sunday to this one.
Time Out London