Readers’ Comments

I’ve received many thousands of emails from readers around the world. I personally respond to every one. Your emails have been a great surprise and joy to me. I have been touched by your comments. People ask me why I write. This is why. I want to thank you for sharing your comments with me, and I look forward to our continuing correspondence. I thought I’d share some of your comments (anonymously, of course, to protect your privacy).

UK: I thought I would write to you about the the Perk. I read The Colour of Law and thought then that you were seeking to combine a popular fictional form with some very thoughtful and genuine messages. When I had finished the book I was struck by the sense of having read something into which someone had put a genuine measure of their spirit. A rare thing these days when potboilers can be trotted out to a formula in a long train. The Perk, to me, took this ambition to a new height and embraced many fundamental issues about America and Texas. I would go further though and say that I felt it aspired to greatness in the tradition of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “East of Eden”, “The Grapes of Wrath” and others. I felt that you were successfully transcending the particular setting and events to discuss fundamentals of the human condition. This is rarer than imbuing writing with something of yourself, it is a conscious and generous effort to try and leave some markers in the complexity of modern existence. The Perk was a book that didn’t just lift the heart a little but was a welcome reminder that there are still people who genuinely think and are concerned. It also reminded me of Dickens writing for magazines but actually raising social consciousness as he went. And I think you will agree that this is praise indeed. Last word? Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you can’t write the great American Novel of the 21st Century, you’ve made a pretty good start.

GERMANY: For a few years, I have had the very special treat of enjoying your compelling novels.  They are exquisitely phrased and thought over, and thus they are much more than merely a pure joy for the reader, let alone the tension and entertainment they provide at any chosen phase of reading a certain section of your books. I live in Germany and I am German.  Unlike many of my fellow citizens, I am in the lucky position to have been given the benefit of studying English as a foreign language and life abroad – without doubt, the necessary education and required training and experience to not simply understand the words in a novel written in English but to appreciate its content, its flow and dynamics of action, its diction and idioms, its plot and developments, its setting and background as well as its “between-the-lines-values” to the (hopefully) full extent. There are so many American authors whose works are translated into German and consequently distributed or sold in German speaking countries here in Europe – some of which we could easily do without in my opinion, and without suffering any losses.  But your writing -your style and the messages you send through your writing – is something very different.  It is unique.  It is full of a power that fascinates irrevocably. It functions like a straw of hope reaching out for a better world.  Reading your novels fills the reader with an irresistible urge to take an active part in really making this world a better place. Therefore, my urgent request to you and your publishers is this: please consider a translation of your books into German.  This way, another broad public area would be able to benefit from the messages you send them both with or in your writing and also beyond your writing.

USA: I have never written to an author.  Your book The Color of Law, had a serious profound effect on me.  Most of my friends (boyfriend as well, are attorneys.  I’m a dentist.)  I bought a copy for all of them and they read your wonderful book.   I add this for a reason. We have all gotten so money hungry and living the good life in NJ and NYC, that unless we were driving a Beamer, had 60-90 billable hours a week, we were not doing our jobs to be at the end scale where we thought we should be.  Your book was a wakeup call.  Thank you.  I don’t need that kind of monies, I now see uninsured patients for free and I don’t have to have a high-end house.   Your book brought us back to the very core why we chose the professions we did. That was to help others.   We all grew up middle class or less.  I’m back to my jeans and flannel shirts, scrubs at work and drive a Honda CRV.   You brought meaning back into our lives.  My cats sleep on the bed, we give free advice and I do patient care for less. You are wonderful.  I always wanted to write, but never felt I had anything to say that would have any profound effect.   Please keep writing.  I just got your new book today.  You are a true inspiration.

AUSTRALIA: Fantastic…..That’s what I thought of Accused… Hi Mark, hope this email finds you well mate. Just thought I would write and let you know how I found the book. I get the train every morning and this is the only time I read a book. The trip takes about half an hour and I only had about 15 pages to go before I finished the book…But I wanted to get to the end and then I didn’t want to get to the end because I didn’t want it to finish…  A fantastic book mark… well worth the wait. So … what’s the next book about? Hopefully a federal judge with two daughters a Mexican maid, and maybe a few friends named Karen, Bobby, Carlos Louis and of course little Maria. Take care mate, and if you are ever in Sydney let me know, I would really like my book personally signed by an Author Who writes a great book…

UK: Just finished reading the Common Lawyer, PHEW , that was just BRILLIANT. Your books are so precious, always an above excellent read. Your cover says you are the next John Grisham, but you are in a league of your own, no comparison !!! You win hands down. Good luck with your next book, I CANNOT WAIT.

USA: I don’t have a question for you.  I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I think your book, “The Abduction” rocked and was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! The Abduction is like finding the perfect diamond –one with absolutely no flaws!!!!  And guess what….this book was just that and more! From the first page to the end, this compelling thriller never slowed down.  I mentioned it to my husband due to one of your characters having military background and he said he would try it.  He called me later from work and said he was totally engrossed and couldn’t put it down.  Since then, when people ask me about great books I have read, The Abduction is the first great book that comes to mind. Mr. Gimenez, thanks for giving your readers such a great work of fiction and being such an incredible source of entertainment.  Maybe one of these days, I will publish a book that rocks like “The Abduction.”   I understand lawyers are wordsmiths, since I work for a medium sized law firm in downtown Dallas myself, but I never thought they could be so creative. Can’t wait for your next two books to be published in the U.S. Remember:  You can edit a bad page of writing, but not a blank page!!!!!

?: I don’t have a question. Just wanted to give you some unsolicited feedback. A father of 5 children, 4 of whom are girls, I wanted to let you know that you struck a chord here with “The Perk”. I cried, reading that novel. I cried, several times. Tears just welled up. Thank you. I’m an “absent” father (because of my job I have to live and work in another country, away from where my wife and kids live, because we couldn’t find a suitable school for them here where I work). My daughters have been, are, or will be “Heidi’s” age. So I cried. And I cried because of “Annie”, because of what she wrote to “J.B.” about “Beck”. Because I’m sure that’s just about what my wife would write to her father in law if that happened to her. “Beck is in denial”. “Beck doesn’t have a clue”. You’re so right. That doesn’t mean I can change anything, not overnight. Because responsibility, taking care of one’s family, making sure the kids get an education, that must come first. I don’t have a job, today, where my family is. (Luckily, sort of, from the point of view of being able to pay for my kids’ school and the nice apartment where my wife and the kids live, I do have a great job somewhere else). But the crying I did, reading your novel, made me more convinced than ever before that I will grab the first opportunity I can to get a job, any job, there, to be back with them and do my utmost to make sure — at least try — that none of my daughters ends up in a ditch. Thank you for my tears.

UK: This will undoubtedly be one of many emails received in regard to your latest book.  Regardless, I’d like to add my name to the list of positive feedback.  I bought ‘Accused’ on Friday night on the way home from work and finished it on Saturday night – the only way to find out what was on the last page (without cheating). Two things that make your books outstanding are that you infuse a degree of sensitivity into your writing (great for female readers), and the story is about the mystery surrounding the crime rather than excessive emphasis on the crime itself.  I also find myself intrigued by the snapshots you include about the American legal system.

UK: I know you must get thousands of letters but i just had to email you to tell you how much I love your books. I like the way you write, the characters, the plots and the passion that you bring to every one of them. It makes them so addictive that I can’t wait to pick up the book and continue reading. I grow to love the characters and start identifying with their feelings and fears. My favourite is Boo Fenney, I just loved the way she called her dad A Scott. I start off reading avidly and then as I get nearer and nearer the end I start to go slower and slower as I can’t bear to finish it. It has been that way with every single one of your books. I came across your novels by accident. My husband had picked one up at our local library and after he had finished it he said i may enjoy it. I did and then went to the library myself to order every one you had written, which I read back to back thinking all the time I can’t possibly like this next one as much as the last but I did and now I’m waiting in anticipation for your next one to be published. I must say I love courtroom dramas and thought John Grisham was the best but he has been superseded by your novels. I have never before come across an author whose every single book has enthralled me to such an extent that I would be bothered to write to tell them so. It’s not as if you have some character that crops up in every book such as a detective, pathologist or P.I. you just have that unidentifiable writing ability that appeals to us all and that all authors would wish for. 

NEW ZEALAND: Like Scott Fenney, I discovered a few home truths about the practice of law when things went badly. Although your book I am sure was not intended as a self help manual, after 15 years of practice, and of a similar age to Scott Fenney, I found this book possibly the most helpful thing in dealing with some fairly catastrophic changes to my career. I wanted to thank you for this book.

USA: I just finished ACCUSED after an all night read.  I couldn’t put it down.  The sequel is a home run.  I thoroughly enjoyed every word in the book and the plot line was flawless.  A copy will be going out to all our reading friend fans.  Please keep the stories coming.

POLAND: I just admire you. I have never read such book as ‘Abduction’. Honestly, I think it’s the best book I’ve ever read. And I read tons of books.

UK: I would like to personally thank you. I had the common lawyer, the accused, the abduction and the colour of law bought for me as Christmas presents by my wife. This happened after a holiday in France where I read The Perk…..then raved to anyone who would listen and even those who didn’t want to. Anyway since then to today I have been lost to my family and the world and have completed them all. Look I’m 58 and books are nothing new, I have been reading all my life but I have to say your work is the best I have had the pleasure of picking up. You invent believable characters and somehow the reader actually cares about them and what happens to them, you write with wit and pace and the whole experience of reading your books is nothing short of breathtaking. At least two of them just have to be made as films, if not all of them. Once again thank you………and when is the next one due out? Please keep up the work

GERMANY: I am a great fan of you. On weekend I finished the last book from you. I loved to read more about A. Scott.   Thank you so much for all the great stories. I cannot wait till your next book will be published. What will it be about? I just want to tell you there is a big fan of you in Germany.

USA: I write to you to send my sincere thanks for writing Color of Law.   That was one of the best books I have ever read in recent memory.   I am a lawyer (sort of – I do research and writing) who teaches law (First Amendment and ethics) and I occasionally pick up legal fiction books.   Reading The Color of Law was simply an absolute pleasure – particularly for someone whose favorite all-time book is To Kill a Mockingbird.  You are a marvelous writer and I hope you keep writing.   I did manage to find a copy of The Abduction and look forward to reading it as well.   Thanks for letting others share in your immense talents.

UK: I would just like to email to say I have just finished reading The Accused and found it totally thrilling and a great read, I will be venturing out to make sure I have read your back catalogue!!!! Thanks for making my week, it was a book I couldn’t and didn’t want to put down till I had finished it!!!! The twists and turns were great and in all honesty I never saw any of it coming!!!!!

INDIA: Greetings from Pune, India! I have just completed The Color of Law. I must congratulate you for crafting such an enriching and emotionally elevating book. Your book shows that love, integrity, character do matter. Impressed by this book, I have purchased all the other titles and hope that these books are equally good if not better. May all your future endeavours continue to reach new heights of success.

USA: Oh how I loved “The Perk”….finished it at 3:30 am this morning! It’s just so great that I’m entertained, educated and uplifted at the same time by reading your work. What’s next (please)????? 

USA: Just finished the book [The Common Lawyer]. ANOTHER GREAT BOOK. I couldn’t figure out the end again, Awesome.  The BEST one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOUTH AFRICA: Have JUST finished reading The Accused – loved it and can’t wait for more. Well done as always!!

UK: I have never written to an author before but I have just read The Perk and couldn’t hold back. I read a lot of books – many of which are legal/financial thrillers from authors such as Steve Martini, John Lescroat, DW Buffa, William Berhhardt, Philip Margolin and Stephen Frey – not forgetting the ubiquitous John Grisham. Due to being part of an unfortunate experiment at school, I tend to scan/speed read which means that while I can almost always faithfully replay the plot, storylines and outcome to anyone who asks, the beauty of the writing is often lost on me. I took The Perk away on a 2-week holiday, along with 7 other books. When I started the book, I thought “Oh no – a schmaltzy tale with little legal drama – I’ve made a mistake here”. By the time I finished the book, I can honestly say:

  1. I read almost every word (and I never do that)
  2. I actually shed a tear at some of the email exchanges between Annie and JB – quite amazing writing
  3. I absolutely loved the JB character and some of the exchanges between JB and Beck and JB and others made me smile time and again
  4. When I finished the book, I almost felt that I had experienced a bereavement
  5. I never read books twice – I either take them to a charity shop, loan them to friends or have just started to sell some on Amazon but in the case of The Perk, I am hanging onto this book and will re-read it with pleasure.

I got back yesterday and have already bought The Abduction and The Colour of Law; I don’t expect either of them to be as good as The Perk. My wife doesn’t like you – I started The Perk on a sun bed round the pool at 09:15 and finished it at 15:00 the next day. She says that having barely spoken a word to her in that time, it’s a day of our lives that we’ll never get back. I simply gave her the book and said “read it and you’ll understand”. She is now not speaking to me and is currently up to Nikki’s denouement in court.

Thank you again for a memorable literary experience and making The Perk if not the best book I have ever read then certainly no worse than the second best.

USA: I just read your book Abduction and loved it. I have been a fan since reading “The color of Law” still one of my favorite books.  Well, it was until I was traveling through Dublin airport and spotted your book The Perk.  That book was by far and away the best book I have ever read!  I have passed it on to my mom and she has also become a big fan.   Of course, she has passed it on and so on and so on…………  so now where is my book??? Don’t know!  So my question is when will it be released in the USA so I can get another copy.  My next question is when is your next book?  I can’t wait.  Your books grab me so quick, I love them.  John Grisham (my former favorite)  really needs to read your books to get his spark back.

IRELAND: I’m writing you all the way from Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland. I was in my local book store a few weeks back browsing when I came across your books in the crime thriller section. I ended up buying Colour of Law (‘Color’ to Americans) and read it in one sitting that night…Irishmen are rarely lost for words when it comes to books, but I was totally blown away!! I would put that story right beside ‘To kill a M.B’ in terms of brilliance (you’ll refute that). The following week I bought (I buy books, I figure most writers don’t have Stephen King’s bank balance) ‘Abduction’, ‘Accused’ and ‘The Perk’. I’ve just started reading ‘The Perk’, having finished back to back ‘Abduction’ and CoL sequel ‘Accused’. Both books were awesome, 120 pages in and ‘Perk’ has me gripped. I just wondered what inspires these stories? You seem to get compared to Grisham a lot, are you a fan? I’ve all his books and his early work is awesome, later is fine. Is there another book on the way? It’s out and on the bestseller shelf in Easons (major bookstore chain in Ire). I wish you the very best in your fiction career, the novels have entertained me way beyond the cash value of the book. My sister visited TX on her honeymoon a few years back, you have inspired me to check out TX in the future. Dubya kinda turned me off visiting, but you paint a far better picture of the state. Cheers from Ireland.

USA: I feel like I know you personally and have to tell you how much I loved your latest book ‘Accused’.  I truly did not want the book to end and hope that A. Scott is in our future.  The character development and the dialog throughout were wonderful – I had tears in my eyes and often caught myself laughing out loud.  Thank you for making the last couple of days so special . . . I did not want to put the book down and yet . . . I did not want it to end either.  I am interested in why your books are published in the UK and not the USA????    My mother is a fan as well and we were recently talking about your previous books and she had the foresight to go to Amazon and find “Accused” and “Common Lawyer”.  I will start “Common Lawyer” right away and am sure I will be as enchanted with those characters.  Thank you for your talent and keep us posted as to when we can expect another chapter in A. Scott’s life.

SOUTH AFRICA: I write to you from South Africa, I have bought all 5 of your books and loved every one of them. I have made all my family buy your books and they too have fallen in love with your style and stories. When can we expect another book from you, we cannot wait for the next one and can we expect you in South Africa.

USA: As a reader of well over 50 books per year, you are, thanks to my sister-in-law, my find for 2009. I first read “The Abduction”, and was simply overwhelmed with both the characterizations and the plot development. I am now reading “The Perk”, and am having the same reaction. Low key, classy, heartfelt and beautiful to read. I have just ordered your last three books in hardback for my library. Unfortunately, two had to be shipped from the UK. It is truly disappointing that an author of your talent and ability seems to be having such difficulty getting publication in the States. Your writing is real; it challenges the mind and touches the soul. I would have thought the publication of “The Abduction” here would have taken care of all that. Evidently, even the best can’t succeed without the PR push and backing of a decent publisher. This book was 2 years old, and I had never heard of it until my friend called it the best book she had read all year. I only hope you are not discouraged by this, and can continue to write books of this caliber. Why should I have to continue to read the same mediocrity by the same so-called writers year after year, when there are artists like yourself in the picture? Until then, I will keep on paying the shipping and conversion costs for the UK editions, and hope the right people here manage to see the light.

AUSTRALIA: Just been getting into your books. All I can say is UNREAL !!!!. A friend at work lent me The Abduction & read it in 1 week & loved it. I have since gone out & bought all the rest of your books. Great reads, very well written & I wish you all the very best with future books you write. Thanks for a few weeks of great reading.

USA: The Accused was the best!!  Sequel to the sequel?  If so, when?

NEW ZEALAND: I have read each of your books. They are all brilliant and definitely un-put-downable!  When can we fans expect another?

UK: Just wanted to write and thank you really for the 3 of your 4 books that I’ve read so far. I just sat and read The Perk, cover to cover in a day – couldn’t put it down. You’re an awesome writer, and I just have The Abduction to read now.. so I’m hoping that some more of your books will be coming soon! The Colour of Law is one of my favourite books of all time.

USA: I don’t have a question, just a comment.    The abduction is one the best books I have ever read. I read all the time and have waded through many that were not worth the time.   This book however grabbed me from the first sentence.    I woke up at 0245 this morning thinking about it and had to get up then and finish it off.   Now I’m sorry it’s over and wish I hadn’t read it so fast. Thank you for such an enjoyable time.  Got to go find something else you have written now. Please keep producing such exciting reading.

USA: Thank you for writing a book that validates the lawyers who choose to do good.  It is a difficult life to maintain both financially and socially.  I found your book just as I arrived at a crossroads in my practice deciding to close the office because, as my mother says, my heart is bigger than my business sense is savvy.  I am greeted heartily at the jail as the ‘miracle worker’ but among my colleagues I’m viewed as a fool for caring and believing.  I take the cases no one else will and I charge (when I charge) what won’t break the client. Unfortunately as a single mom and sole practitioner it is bankrupting me.  In December they sold the office building my office is in and the new owner intends to tear it down.  I decided to find a ‘real job’ that pays enough to cover the bills so I would have more time with my kids.  But I feel like I am abandoning the people I have represented all these years. As you can see, your book was, in some respects, speaking to the internal battle I fight daily.  I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  Laughed out loud every time Boo took A. Scott to task (I also have an 11 year old daughter going on 30).  Thank you for the validation. You have a new fan!

UK: Hi, I have recently read both of your books. WOW, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat, with my husband reminding me to breath!! They have to be the best books I have read for ages. I have recommended them to everyone I know. The question is…. When can we expect another (or more) books from you? Keep up the amazing work!!

AUSTRALIA: Many thanks for writing the only two books that have ever made me miss my tram stop as I’ve been so engrossed!!! Please keep writing!

USA: I just read The Abduction & The Common Lawyer.  The Abduction was absolutely one of the best books I’ve read in a Very Very long time.  I stayed up at night (3 am) reading with a pen light because I couldn’t sleep and wanted to finish the book.  I have been passing it around at work and so far you’ve got RAVE reviews.  They love it as well.  I am totally looking forward to reading the other ones as well as the one you have coming out in July.  At least that’s what the book store told me.  Keep the books coming!  I’m looking forward to some alone time reading them.

UK: What a fantastic sequel to The Colour of Law!!!! Wonderfully gripping page turning read, well worth the wait!!! We both thoroughly enjoyed it and are very much hoping that we will be hearing from Judge Fenny and his extended family again!!!! Someone the other day said ‘I understand you went to Tunisia a few years back, did you enjoy it’? ‘Yes, it was there we found Mark sat on a table at the side of the reception and from that day on, the sun shone’. Thank you once again Mark for giving us and I am sure millions of others so much enjoyment. Looking forward to your next one????

USA: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Abduction! Love your writing. Just finished it overnight! 


SOUTH AFRICA: PLEASE    –    do not stop writing. . . . .

IRELAND: This month I Picked up your novel The Perk on the way to Sardinia for a week’s break. The only good thing about not being able to sleep, due to no air conditioning, was the fact that I had Fredericksburg to visit. The pages were a joy to turn as each of your characters appeared film like with faces of my choosing. My wife finished the book on the plane back to Ireland and has twice since returned to the final chapters smiling to herself as the tale is finished. Sardinia was a better break due to having your work along with us. 

USA: I’ve just read your first two novels (found them while just browsing this week) and I now have a NEW favorite author. That you’ve written these first two novels so beautifully is phenomenal to me and you are to be congratulated. I’ve read just about everyone – Grisham, Connelly (Harry Bosch is my most favorite character), DeMille…and lots more, but your voice is quite distinctive and your writer’s heart is beautiful. While I can only offer a ‘lay person’s’ (albeit student of literature) critique of your work, I must say that the caliber of your writing is, in my humble opinion, truly gifted.  I won’t comment or compare works in other languages, but I will say that I do read literature in Spanish (my favorite current writer being Carlos Ruiz Zafon, who is unmatched for me (in his mastery of that language in writing) except by Cervantes). Your characterizations of the female children in The Abduction and The Color of Law are, to say the least, impeccable.  Your male protagonists are truly heroic where it matters most…in character. What a wonderful depiction of a modern-day cyber-dad in John in The Abduction!  I loved the techie jargon of his dialogue.  While I did divine the ‘right-handed’ murderer clue in The Color of Law, the twists and turns in The Abduction kept me off balance – I think your delayed presentation of information in the ‘flashbacks’ was ingenious.  Rarely have I read a non-linear fiction piece that holds together and thereby allows the reader to ‘hold it all together’. I wish other writers had this skill since their unsuccessful attempts at this device leave the reader distracted, frustrated and ultimately, lost.  By the way, do you think we might see a (hate to say it but) sequel to The Color of Law.  I think the protagonist A. Scott is worthy of some further consideration – a glimpse into his new life after the law firm…I truthfully can’t say enough about how much these two novels have impacted me as a reader. I am impressed. Now, I’m on my way to find The Perk.  My only problem is, when I’ve completed The Perk… what will I do?…Please write fast, and again, Thank You.

NIGERIA: Am a third year student of law in the University of Abuja, Nigeria. Your book THE COLOUR OF LAW is a masterpiece and it has helped me to get re focused in life. I have come to terms with the fact that there are things in life that just can’t change and indeed, the colour of life is green! To make a difference I need to be determined to face the consequences of saying no to McCall, his likes and cohorts! 

UK: Not so much a question but a real big thank you for Accused. Just finished reading it and WOW! The plot – the characters – the setting – it all just worked for me and this is my first court room book (after Atticus Finch!) that had me spellbound to the very end. I have just gone out and bought The Common Lawyer today so this Easter break I know where I will be.

USA: I don’t want to ask you anything.  I just want to congratulate you on a beautifully written book. I just finished   “The Abduction.”  It was a wonderful, exciting read, and more than anything I would like  to thank you for the sensitive way you honored the brave men who fought and died in Vietnam and had to commit horrific acts against humanity in an action that was beyond their control. They certainly haven’t been honored for their sacrifices here at home. No one has explained it as well as you have.  You have clarified for me much of what had to be done during that action, and why, as well as why so many men, my brother and many friends came home broken in heart and spirit, never to speak of Vietnam again.  This is a unique book in the genre.  It would make a terrific film.  I hope we will have the good fortune to meet Ben Brice again.

THAILAND: Hi, I have just finished reading your book-The Color of Law, and I was very very impressed indeed. The story itself is meaningful, and the dialogue between the different characters are simply– GOOD! YOU SHOULD WRITE MORE. I have to confess though I didn’t buy this book. I was residing at a hotel in a North Thailand town in April this year and there’s a shelf full of books left behind by those light travelers. I had only read the first page of your book and I could hardly put it down. So I did what I did. I took it home. So I am going to say again what I have just said-PLEASE WRITE MORE 

HONG KONG: After first reading your latest release “The Common Lawyer” and loving it, I then embarked on the journey of finding and reading your other three novels. I have finished “The Abduction” and I am currently finishing “The Perk” and will be off to the bookshops in Hong Kong to find your first novel “The Colour of Law” (I hope they have it in stock!). I think I have read them backwards from your latest book to your first. However, they have all been fantastic reads and I look forward to your next new novel (no pressure) ;-). Just thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that.

USA: No question for you…..just have to tell you how much I enjoyed The Perk.  A friend urged me to read it and said I’d really like it.  She was wrong.  I loved it.  The characters…. the snappy dialog between father and son….and the stories within….what a winning combination. What I didn’t expect was that I couldn’t pick up the book without picking up a kleenex.  Every time you inserted an email, I automatically reached for a tissue, just in case. Somehow you had to have a little of your soul in it; parts just felt ‘real.’  But what a beautiful story it made. Because it wasn’t my own, I feel compelled to find a copy just to have the joy of loaning it to my reading friends.  Now I have to try to find your other books.  I’m hooked.

IRELAND: I live in Ireland. I have no questions to ask you. I just wanted to thank you for making my nights Wow !!! Your books are unputdownable !! Good job and well done !! 

USA: I don’t have a question exactly. I just finished reading your book, The Abduction. It was FABULOUS!!! I was totally blown away by your riveting writing! I have been reading since I was 4 years old, have even dabbled a bit at writing myself. Nothing published, and nothing anywhere near as good as what I just read! I must say, I was completely rooting for John and his father, Ben, to rescue little Gracie. Knowing the military’s training as I do (my first husband was a Marine Corps Drill Instructor) none of what I read was in the least farfetched or impossible to believe. I’ve also known some Recon Rangers, and know that what you have written has indeed been taught to these men, as well as been employed in combat. These men are all heroes to us, now and in the past. It is great to read about the things they have accomplished even if only in fiction. There is still some truth to it. To see how much John grew from his experience with Ben, was exciting. Seeing the family reunited (knowing that most abductions don’t turn out as happy) and Elizabeth being able to lay her ghost to rest to be able to love her husband fully, was very touching. Again, I don’t have a question, just wanted to write you a few words of gratitude for having given me the opportunity to have read such a wonderful work! Thank you! You are truly one of the best writers to have captured not only my imagination, but my attention. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

UK: It is Sunday…and I have just finished reading one of your books “The Colour of Law”.  Apart from the fact I could not put this book down.  My eyes have been streaming with tears for the last few chapters, through joy, sadness, happiness and grasping the true facts of life past and present as a whole. This book is truly amazing “whereas”.  If I were to say anything else then I would truly make an arse of myself but pls tell A. Scott Fenney Family and friends I am asking for them. 

UK: Well, I have just finished reading accused , I made it last, just didn’t want it to end. It was wonderful from start to finish. You are amazing, you have a real feel for what people are really like. (including children, they were hilarious at times ! ) I am so looking forward to the next one !!

USA: A friend recently recommended your books and I ran right over to Borders and grabbed the two they have on the shelf. I loved The Color of Law and am now completely hooked midway through The Abduction. My obsession is so bad I’ve taken to reading at stop lights!!! I’ve forgotten I have kids! It’s terrible! I love the style in which you write. It’s so different from all the other authors I read. I am a true book-aholic and am super excited to have found your books. You really are going to have to write faster!!! I cannot find the other 2 books, The Perk and The Common Lawyer at any of the “popular” book stores. Where would I find these books??? Please don’t tell me they are out of print or I have to order them overseas. I also want on the review list or whatever it takes to get a hold of your next book before it’s released. I’m unsure whether you authors do that or not, but I’d pay retail to get it sooner than the release dates.

SOUTH AFRICA: I have read all your books and think they are absolutely brilliant.  When will your next book be out?

SINGAPORE: I am from Singapore and i can’t wait for another of your books. I have all of your books and i love them all.

UK: You must hear this all too often but just had to say how much I’m enjoying The Perk. You have chosen such great characters, settings and plot. I am right there with everybody. Thanks for a great read. Will be legging it into town this weekend to get another couple of yours which I hope will include your latest.

USA: I stumbled upon your book, The Color of Law, at a book sale in Maryland — after reading the first 2 pages, I was immediately hooked! WOW!!!  A great read is an understatement. I have either laughed, smiled, or cried as I read each page!  As a matter-of-fact, I talked about the book so much at work, there are 3 people on my job now reading their own copy!  This is our first encounter with reading one of your books and it won’t be the last. One coworker is now reading “The Abduction.”  It’s been a while since I’ve found a book this exciting!  I absolutely LOVE it. We all do!  So imagine my delight to discover that there is a sequel! Major disappointment: I am going on vacation in two weeks and I can’t find “The Accused” in any local bookstore: Borders or Barnes and Noble.  Is the book not published in the United States? Please, please tell me how to find a copy!  –my beach vacation won’t be complete without it. o;). Thank you for any assistance and thanks for giving your readers a passionate, page-turner, can’t-put-it-down novel!

USA: The Abduction is by far (except for Gone with the Wind) the best book I have ever read!! I share it and my glowing review with everyone….I do notice I have trouble finding your books locally…I usually have to order from Amazon, our local library doesn’t carry them (depressing)… Again I am a huge fan and look forward to more.

UK: Not so much a question…more a case of feedback. Just wanted to say I have read and thoroughly enjoyed The Color Of Law & The Perk and just finished reading The Common Lawyer and wanted to say that it is a superb book…the best I have read in ages – Once finished I immediately went out and bought Accused. Many thanks for keeping me entertained. Do you have any plans to do any signings in London in the future?

USA: I just got done with the Color of Law.  It was the best book I have had my hands on!  seriously!  I read a lot and this book is the best I have ever read!  going to get your other writings as soon as I can!  thank you for being such good writer – could not put it down!

USA: Never in my 54 years have I written an author and I am a voracious reader, who when finds an author she likes reads everything they have written.  I read the Accused, then went to the book store and purchased the remainder of your books except for The Perk which was not in stock. Thank you, the books are great reads and I only hope you are prolific as well as talented, so that I can expect to see a new book on the shelves soon. As an attorney I have become disappointed in the “justice” in Justice system.  Too frequently cases were won and lost where “the truth” was so far from what was presented in Court as to make the proceedings a mockery.  I hope new attorneys are reading your books, we need a legal example at odds from what they will experience once they have been around for a while. I had a professor who thought “To Kill a Mockingbird’” should be required reading for all law students. While legal ethics are stressed more in the curriculum today, most attorneys find out that their education has in no way prepared them for tough decisions as to whether “winning” is more important than “fairness”.   Perhaps this generation cannot relate to Atticus Finch, but they certainly can relate to your characters.  I am sure my old professor would have both The Color of Law and The Accused on his required reading list along with To Kill a Mockingbird.  To those of us who have given up expecting right beating might, your books gave me a ray of hope that perhaps somewhere someone has been influenced by the characters you create. My most sincere thanks.

SPAIN: I have just finished The common lawyer. Life is better with good writers like you. I’d ask to a Texan thriller writer and lawyer two questions: 1.      Did Oswald kill JFK in a solo act? 2.      Did Rudy kill Oswald in a solo act? I’m not hiding myself. My answer is YES (both).

CANADA: I have read all of your books since March 2011 when I was introduced to your writing, during a trip to Dubai.  My cousin from Ireland had a few of your novels at her house and I read two while on my two-week vacation and then got the other three when I returned. I am very puzzled why your books are not available in Canada or in the United States.  I live in Toronto and have access to one of the best bookstores in the country, Indigo.  Also when I went to New York State recently, neither Borders nor Barnes and Noble carried them either. You are a brilliant writer and I can only hope that you continue to write more amazing thrillers.  Hopefully they will be available in Canada as you continue to write.

USA: Just returned from Cancun after spending several months there.  Found The Color of Law on the exchange rack at the hotel where we were staying.  Wow.  Great.  Just looked at your web site, and am going to order all your books.  We have a daughter living in Galveston, and my wife received her PhD from Univ. of Texas.  Keep up the great work.  Did not put Color of Law back on the shelf, brought it home and passed it on to my daughter and son-in-law.  Son-in-law said it was one of the best novels he recently read.

USA: I have just finished reading The Abduction and I absolutely loved it!  Once I started reading it, I could not put it down.  I finished it at 2:30 this morning.  I read the Abduction after reading The Color of Law for the 6th time.  I am so glad you wrote a sequel because those characters are unforgettable.  I have to run now and look for the rest of your books.  Awesome!

USA: Just a short note to thank you for such a wonderful read “The Abduction”. What a great story. The Characters moved me and I related to some of them and basically every single one of them. I never write to Authors but this had to be written. Your writing moved me. Your explanation of fate and belief combined with sorrow, joy, and most of all life moved me since this story gave me a great feeling of faith, truth, about life. I’m still wondering about the characters even though this is fiction. Thank you again.

IRELAND: My mother and I are from Ireland, we absolutely love your books. Just wondering if you are planning on releasing a new one this year?

USA: The Perk must be your masterpiece. I got a copy from England via and am savoring a little bit at a time, like Port wine. Fredericksburg is a place where in the 1980’s we would stop by on our way to drive my son to Newk’s, N. Braunfels, for tennis camp. I am enjoying it so much. If I close my eyes I can picture most of the characters. You see, I am half German 🙂 You are a gifted writer.

AUSTRALIA: Just wanted to make comment that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. The only one I haven’t read yet is the perk, thank god I have it to look forward to. Not sure how I’ll cope after I do. I am a clinical and forensic psychologist in Australia and have been for 12 years now. After 11 years of university training and 10 years in a tough industry I lost interest in reading fictional story books until I came across your work. Thanks for reintroducing me to fiction, I had forgotten how pleasurable it can be. I have always been and am still going through a personal conflict regarding my career path and have always doubted my decision and thought instead I should have been a lawyer. Your books feed into my conflict perfectly, as I usually start out inspired to re enroll in law next year then by the finish I am usually happy to be on the fringe of the law with my psych practice. A huge thanks to a modern genius.

USA: Just finished The Abduction.  BEST book I have read in a long time.  Have nearly completed The Color of Law.  Again, WOW — GREAT!!!  Keep writing these books.  Have recommended your books to my reading friends. Where can I get the other 2 books??

SOUTH AFRICA: I am a Nigerian that works currently for a media firm in South Africa. When i read your first novel- Color of law, I was so enthralled that i started looking at the bookstalls for anything signed Mark Gimenez. I just want to tell you that you have restored my faith in modern fiction, you are the James Hadley Chase of our generation (please no offence at the comparison. He was my favourite writer growing up). My dad is 84 yrs old but he can’t get enough of your writing, he is currently reading the abduction, after which i will hand over the perk to him. Thank you so much.

USA: I devoured Accused and hated to see it end…I especially like your subtle sense of humor.  It is now circulating in my hospital library along with The Common Lawyer and the Perk (which I got in hard cover.

UK: This is the first time I have ever felt the need to write to a author but after reading The Colour of Law I felt I had to tell you that it has just jumped to number 1 In my all time favourite books. The way you made the characters so real is amazing, I felt like I was flying above Scott following his every move. I read it in one sitting having to stay up late as I could not have gone to bed without knowing the outcome.

Congratulations on a awesome book & I am looking forward to reading your next one.

AUSTRALIA: Greetings from Cairns, Australia. On the basis that it doesn’t cost anything to pay a compliment, here’s a compliment…I picked up a copy of The Colour Of Law yesterday, and read it in one sitting. Superb. Took me back (inevitable I suppose) to discovering Grisham many years ago. Loved it, so now I’m in search of the rest, which shouldn’t be hard. I don’t normally make a point of getting in touch with authors, but I loved the whole book. Also, as a former newspaper sub-editor, it was a delight to read a book without errors, properly punctuated, commas in the right place, etc. Pretty basic really, but I’m constantly amazed at the mistakes that get through the editing process, and, believe me, there are many of them. I used to read with a red pen by my side, but I gave up long ago. Sad, but true. Anyway, as I say, it doesn’t do any harm to give praise; something I’ve always encouraged my kids to do, so here’s my 10 cents worth. Regards from Paradise (well, most of the time),

SOUTH AFRICA: I have no question just a compliment. I have no idea how come it has taken me so long to discover your writing – but came across your books by chance. Really delighted by your light style, deep understanding and cunning perception. I have never written a letter to an author and have no idea if this will even reach you but please take it as a sincere a letter of appreciation.

UK: Greetings from the UK! Just finished ‘Accused’. Had to find an email address for you. Congratulations on a superb story.  I haven’t enjoyed a book so much for a very long time; beautifully written, great characters and a fantastic plot! I look forward to hearing what you have in store for ‘Judge A. Scott’…

USA: I just needed to send you a quick email to thank you for this release, “The Color of Law.” I just picked it up yesterday from Barnes & Noble.  I had no idea what I was doing in there because I don’t like reading. I am an avid t.v. person and normally t.v. people like me don’t read.  Which is why I had to write to you.  What got me to pick up your book was the cover- it is very cool looking.  Next, I read page one, the Prologue and from that I couldn’t put the book down.  My wife thought I was nuts because she never sees me read anything but maybe the Sports section of the newspaper.  My daughter is proud of me because I have finished a book I started.  In the past if I bought a novel I would read the first 15 pages and on the shelf goes the book for the next ten years until I give the book away. However, not with your book. I stayed home all day Friday and Saturday and completed The Color of Law.  This feat is such a first for me.  I made plans to watch all sorts of t.v. this weekend because I am recovering from a recent surgery I had last week and reading was the last thing I was going to do – or so I thought. Mark, I wanted this email to be short, so sorry for the length, I am just so excited about what I did and the events in The Color of Law – The book is GREAT. I am a middle-aged African American male with a wife and daughter and we live in Los Angeles, CA. Mark Gimenez, you have a new fan and he is no longer just an avid t.v. person.

INDIA: I am sending this mail because first of all i want to say thanks to you for writing a great book like a “color of law”. i have recently finished it’s reading & believe me i am so fascinated by your “scott” that i don’t have word’s to explain my joy. i am just speechless. what can i say. but one question making rounds in my mind that is it a true story? i would like to more about. hope you will give me precise information about it very soon.

USA: This isn’t a question.  It is a profound thank you for your books.  I started reading one to two books every other day at the age of twelve.  I am now 71 and have read a great number of books.  Yours are in the top ten.  Interesting, exciting, and though provoking without being preachy.  I am grateful because I have been able to read all four.  Since I volunteer to work in interlibrary loans at our local library, I was able to access them from libraries across the nation.  What a shame only a few libraries had your first one, since it is every bit as good as the rest.  Just finished “The Perk”.  Change is slow but it is coming.  I live in a small South Texas town, and every time I read in the weddings that another mover and shakers child has married outside their caste, I smile.  I was Gretchen without the butt and tattoos. Loved teaching. Only one other author in recent years have I enjoyed as much.  I think she is newer than you.  Louise Ure, “The Fault Tree.”  Read it if you have time.  I’m sure writers read also.  I will be waiting with great anticipation for your next book.

USA: Well, you kept me up all night “again”, reading “THE COLOR OF LAW.”  I loved it.  Your books make me cry from the heart.  I wrote to you before after reading “THE ABDUCTION.”  I honor you for the fine “first” book, “THE COLOR OF LAW” is.  It stands as a powerful social commentary which makes the reading so well worthwhile.  And your writing is powerful and beautiful.

UK: Just spent a week in Tunisia catching up on much needed winter sunshine. Hubby and I took a good supply of books which we quickly read and took to the hotel book store and came across The Colour of Law (The next Grisham – yer right!!) Hubby who is in his 80th year and suffers from verbal diarrhea and being a avid EARLY Grisham devotee along with myself, said he would give it a whirl. Over the next hour or so, I did the wifely thing and gave him a shake being that I hadn’t heard a peep from him for a while, only to be told to stop disturbing him, he was reading one of THE best reads in his life!!!! (Wondered if I could get Mark Gimenez on prescription.) Just as soon as he closed your book, I picked it up and really resented having to go in door to eat and sleep. We were both hooked and are your new big time fans. Friends and folks have rang since we returned from holiday to see did we have a good time only to be told about this new author we found on the shelves in the used books in the hotel. I know this is probably only one up from finding your book in a Charity Shop, but for us this has been a wonderful experience for which we thank you. Mark, a big thank you coming into our lives and giving us such a thrill and pleasure with this our first Mark Gimenez experience. Off to the local library tomorrow and woe betide them if they don’t have ALL the books we’ve discovered on your web page. Our council tax will be cancelled forthwith. Carry on the good work, you are in a class of your own and have given two wrinkles much pleasure.

UK: I have just recently come across your books and think they are amazing!  The sticker on the front says “as good as Grisham or your money back” – you have totally surpassed Grisham, no contest whatsoever!

IRELAND: I am not much of a book reader but picked up The Colour of Law in June for something to read when heading away on holidays and since then I have not been able to put your books down – I have read all five and can’t wait for the next one – when will it be available? Is there a Fan Club or anything I can join to get updates?

USA: I have just finished reading ACCUSED and it was PERFECT…..I couldn’t put it down -just finished it and will send both it and THE COMMON LAWYER to my Tampa daughter (her husband is an attorney and he loves your books too) in the morning!!!   I have told everyone I know that THE COLOUR OF LAW was one of the best books I have ever read and had read the next 2 of your books and loved them.  My younger daughter (in Tampa) had read and loved your books too and we wondered if you had written anything after THE ABDUCTION and THE PERK so I went into and found THE COMMON LAWYER and ACCUSED. They were both sent from England in a relatively short time.  Since I read books by the same author by published date, I read The Common Lawyer and thought it was terrific but reading ACCUSED……….IT WAS PERFECT!!!  What a wonderful sequel to COLOUR OF LAW…..the characters are great, A Scott is the type of man you have to love and his daughters and team are terrific!  Ex-wife fits the story perfectly too……..Actually – all the characters were fascinating so….. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I live in Conroe, TX so of course enjoy Texas type books……moved to Texas in 1956 with husband and 2 daughters….have 2 Texas sons and am happy to claim Texas as a great place to live! AGAIN….THANK YOU FOR GREAT READS AND PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU ARE READY TO PUBLISH ANOTHER BOOK…….

AUSTRALIA: I was just having a browse through your website, and came across the quote “Warning: you can lose an entire lazy Sunday to this one” and had to laugh, because that’s exactly what happened to me with your book, The Colour of Law! I also ate nearly a whole block of chocolate with it, but that’s a topic for another day…

UK: No question, just a big thank you for ‘Accused’.  I approached it with some misgiving – us Brits are good at misgiving – but after ten pages I was hooked.  The complexity and ingenuity of it was brilliant.  I learned a lot about the American legal system and indeed the American way of looking at things in general. (UK)

SOUTH AFRICA: I don’t have a question, but would like to pen to paper to tell you how much I enjoy your books. I am 64 years old live in gordons bay cape town south Africa, am divorced, no children, and thank goodness still working. I’m an avid reader (come from a family of readers) – I have read The colour of Law, the abduction, perks, accused and now im busy with the common lawyer and cannot put it down, even though I have never been to the states, your description of Austin is fascinating, its like im there, but I could do without the heat. I discovered your books at a small library in a little coastal town called the strand, your writing keeps me informed, entertained and I never know whats going to happen next. I have a problem with pronouncing your surname, so when I tell my reading friends about your name I have to spell it out. Am looking forward to many hours of reading your books.

USA: I don’t have a question – just a few words of gratitude.  A few minutes go I finished reading “The Abduction”, and I hated to turn the last page and close the book. That book is one of the best I have ever read, if not THE best. I had not read your first book and now I hope our local library has it – I’ll soon know! Thank you for the enjoyable time I spent with your novel – I forgot about everything else and was lost in the story. WOW! Am I glad you gave up practicing law and turned to writing! Now if you are working on the 3rd——–

CANADA: I just finished reading The Abduction and LOVED it! It’s not my normal read and it was given to me by a co-worker who couldn’t put it down. I have to say, I couldn’t put it down either, it was a great read!! I went to your web site as I am now interested in what else you may have out there.  I was hooopppppppinnngg to see another story featuring the infamous Ben Brice but sadly there is none.  Would you consider another storyline with him in it??  I would love to read something else and until then I guess I will have to settle for something different in your library.

IRELAND: Just like to say I got the accused for Christmas, and it is the best book that I have read in a long time, couldn’t put it down. I have ordered the rest of your books. 

USA: Well just finished ‘the perk’ smiling and in tears. Cannot wait til have my next long day off to start the common lawyer’ Haven’t wanted to put down when I started so will wait til have the time to sit and enjoy. And I have really enjoyed them all so far. The perk would make a great movie, just as long as they stay with the story line. Please keep writing, have some friends that I lent the first two and now they want the new ones too.

USA: It is now 1:45 AM CST, and I have just finished reading “Accused.” I started reading the 434-page book yesterday and could not put it down. “The Color of Law” is my favorite book of all time, and when I stumbled upon your website (after reading TCOL) for a second time, I saw you had written a sequel. I am a freshman at the University of Texas majoring in history (and perhaps adding a double major in philosophy). Through reading your books, I feel as though I have gained a greater interest and passion to pursue a career in law. It has always been at the back of my mind to attend law school, but now I think it is the career choice I want to make. Although A. Scott Fenney may be a fictional character, I hope, upon one day receiving a JD, that I can follow in his foot steps, and be a good, ethical lawyer.

SOUTH AFRICA: I’m a great fan of your work.   Even though I am half way across the world (South Africa) from where your novels are set, I certainly can identify with a number of your characters.  Now that I have read all your novels, I can’t find anything else to read, so when can we expect to read your next one (or two)??

USA: I read a lot, but have never been so impressed by an author’s writing style as I was when I read The Abduction.  I love the characters you create – especially the little girls, of course, who seem to hold a special place in your heart.  (I’m reading The Color of Law now.)  I’m terribly disappointed that your next two books aren’t available in the US yet.  Please do add me to your mailing list. Just FYI, I went back to law school around age 50, and am currently a state prosecutor.  Except for my coworkers (there are only “I”s in this “team”), I’m enjoying it.

GERMANY: well i don’t have a question, i just wanted to say thank you for your books. 🙂 I happened to get “The Color of Law” in my hands. It was a long time ago that i couldn’t stop reading through the night, though i was tired. I just had to get on. First thing i did the next morning was to order “Accused”. While waiting for the book to arrive i was lucky and a friend gave me “The Abduction”. I like series of books, i love to see how the characters evolve and often i don’t want to switch to different people in the next book. But although the characters in “The Abduction” were totally different, i simply loved it as much as “The Color of Law”. So thanks and please keep on writing. 🙂

SOUTH AFRICA: I recently bought one of The Perk through my book club. I loved it so much that I bought the omnibus with The Colour of Law and The Abduction. Can’t put it down. I am now going to try and find your other two books as well. You are a wonderful author and I hope you will be writing a lot more books.

AUSTRALIA: I love reading and have done so for many years, however I have only ever really been interested in feel good type, drama books, that is till I picked up “The Abduction”. My gosh, can I just say that It was fantastic, I loved it. I then found “The common lawyer” which now, two days later I am on my way out to find another one of your books. So I just wanted to say Thanks for writing such great books. I will keep looking out for your name.

INDIA: After reading The Colour of Law and Accused you are now one author that has reside on my book shelf. Just wondering is there any planned sequel to the Accused? I think I am addicted.

UK: I love American crime thrillers. I am a huge fan of Harlan Coben, John Grisham, Lee Child, Nelson de Mille etc, but I have to say having just read The Accused you are right up there. This is the most exciting book I have read for some time and I can’t wait for your next work. When will that be and what is it going to be titled? Also have any film companies bought the rights to The Accused, as it would make a heck of a movie with the right director and script writer? Keep up the excellent work

UK: About a year ago I found The Abduction on our library shelf and I enjoyed it so much I re-read it … and then read it again 6 months ago.  Since then I have read all of your books, except Accused which I have just finished, twice.  Would you consider doing a sequel to Accused sometime in the future?  There are some great characters in The Colour of Law and Accused and I would love to know what might happen to Rebecca and A. Scott Fenney and his family in the years ahead. The only author who has come remotely close to you, as far as I am concerned, is Richard North Patterson, with his trilogy about Chris Paget and his family. But your books are quite superb and I love the characters, who just seem to come alive.  Thank you for all the effort that you put into your novels and the immense pleasure you bring to people like me – I look forward to reading your next one!

AUSTRALIA: Mark I don’t have a question just want to heap praise on you.  I am a first time reader of your books and I was enthralled from start to finish of The Colour of Law and I have just started Abduction and you have me hooked once again. Can’t wait to buy the rest.  Keep ’em coming.

UK: Just finished ‘Accused’ in 2 days and WOW!!! My wife thankfully excused me from ‘parenting duties’ to finish the book and oh my god..! It was truly amazing. Reading about A. Scott, Boo and Pajamae again was like revisiting old friends.

IRELAND: Have just read The colour of law – absolutely fantastic!!! I am now in the process of ordering all your other novels in the hope that they are just as good, I know they will be as I’m usually good at identifying a good writer. What I want to know is, will there be more from A. Scott Fenney??

NEW ZEALAND: I have just completed reading Accused and what a great read it was. I felt that The Colour of Law was a great story and was delighted to find that you had written a sequel. it was a book that took priority over my daily tasks, just couldn’t put it down.

SPAIN: I have just finished reading “The Abduction” and wow what a fantastic book, I could not put it down …….but I had to, so as to sleep and work the next day.  I cannot wait to read your other books.  I am a fan of many authors especially Robert Harris and now I will be adding you to that list.  I would love to write books but when I read such fantastic works such as “The Abduction” I really don’t think I could, especially not to your standard.  I hope you will be writing for many many years.

UK: Myself and my wife are big fans of all your books. I loved The Color of Law and was really pleased when a sequel came out. Just finished Accused and thought it was the best book I’ve read for ages. Wondering if you had any further sequels planned or any other books coming out soon,

IRELAND: No question but just to say I have loved reading all your unputdownable books.  I read The Common Lawyer on Sunday ~ it never left my hand until I had finished it.   Thank you ~ all of them have been really terrific.

SOUTH AFRICA: I just finished “Abduction” after “Perk” and “The Common Lawyer” all of which kept me glued to the pages. I’m looking forward to the next two! Keep’em comin’! Thanks for many hours of enjoyment.

UK: Many many thanks……just picked the Perk up on holiday in France and wasn’t able to put it back down until I finished it. Out this weekend to buy the others…..please keep it up

SOUTH AFRICA: My husband and I have read all your books , and have found them absolutely fantastic , in fact they are soooooo good that at the moment I am having major withdrawal symptoms and was just wandering if any new books are on the way to lonely South Africa (last book we read was Accused.

UK: I have just finished the Color of Law – a book I received from a retailer as part of a loyalty scheme (Iceland frozen food – Uk) I just had to write to you to tell you how much I enjoyed this book, in fact I would say it’s the best book I have read in a long while. I am going on line later this evening to purchase the Accused – I can’t wait to see what trouble A. Scott’s ex-wife has gotten in to.

SOUTH AFRICA: wow what an incredible writer you are indeed, your books move me! I have read all your books. I just finished reading “Accused”  – when are you planning for the next release?

CROATIA: I’m from Zagreb, Croatia (small country in Europe, ex Yugoslavia). I just wanted to tell you how much I love your work and I think you are an excellent writer. I also attended and graduated from law school and am currently working in a law firm in Zagreb as an attorney trainee and in six months I will have the possibility of passing the bar exam. Considering the fact that law is my profession and the fact that I love to read thrillers, your legal thrillers make it therefore the perfect combination. 🙂 So far I read The Color of Law, The Abduction and recently The Perk. They were all very interesting and gripping, but I liked The Perk the most, especially its main character Beck Hardin.

UK: Just finished reading the ‘Accused’ and just wanted to pass on my appreciation at yet another outstanding novel,  all 5 of your books have been amazing page turners and the phrase ‘couldn’t put it down’ have never been more apt. In my humble opinion you are now up there with the best of them and can’t wait for your next book hopefully sooner rather than later.

INDIA: I am a second year law student enrolled for a five year degree course in BALLB. i recently finished reading the color of law and i found it very interesting and inspiring. some of the questions raised and some of the situations faced by the protagonist really made me close the book and think for a while about my career as a lawyer and the duties of a lawyer towards people in general. in short i loved reading your book.

UK: No questions from me, just a note to say I just finished The Color of Law and really enjoyed it… As the mother of a two year old, who used to devour a book a day and who has managed to finish only two others in the time since her son was born, I surprised myself with your book since I started it yesterday and couldn’t put it down….Needless to say my house now looks like a bomb has hit it and my other half is not overjoyed about having a takeaway for his tea – but I just rediscovered the joy of losing myself in a book – so thank you.

UK: I was recently handed a free copy of your book “The Colour of Law”. I must say that it is one of the most exciting books that I have read in a long time – I couldn’t put it down from start to finish! I will certainly be purchasing “Accused” to continue enjoying your writing.

USA: Well, I have written to you before.  I just wanted you to know that my sister finally visited and brought your book “The Perk” to me from the UK.  I have read your previous 2 books.  Again, I am so amazed at your talent and am very frustrated that I had to wait 2 years to read the Perk.  I went online to try to find other selections and I see that you have The Accused and I believe a sequel to the Color of Law which you told me your were writing last year.  I also read that others, like me, are equally frustrated that your true talent has not been splashed all over the US.  I actually went to purchase a Kindle or The Nook, only to find out I could only download the books I have already read of yours.  I didn’t buy the electronic devices as I prefer to turn a page and get the feel of a book. I tell everyone who likes a good “read” (I mean a book a person just cannot put down) to find your books and be prepared to stay glued to their seat.  I actually read until 3:00 a.m. and only put the book (The Perk) down because I had to get up at 5:00 a.m.  I didn’t sleep anyway, and should have stayed with your book.

USA: your latest book is a wow.  keeps you guessing right to the end  and the added bonus its about a scott fenney and girls.  i have just reread The Perk (for the umpteenth time).   any chance of another book with Beck Hardin.  ps  you don’t write quickly enough for myself or my husband or come to that all my friends    sorry that’s the only gripe!

USA: the new book is wonderful!!  The library was able to order your book quickly from Amazon (perhaps from UK) and I was first on the list.  Read it last week and really loved reading about the Color of Law characters again.  I’d say you’ve done it again.  It’s quickly making the rounds of your fans via a “wait list.”

INDIA: I recently read your novel ‘The Color of Law’. I would like to congratulate you for writing such a nice book. It was a superb read. Now, I have been reading John Grisham for a long time. In fact I have now run out of John Grisham books because I’ve read them all. And some of them more than once. There is a library cum bookshop down here that I frequent. (I live in Chandigarh – you may like to wiki or google it – it is combined capital of States of Haryana and Punjab and India – and home to Punjab and Haryana High Court). They did a good job advertising your book. They had these little book markers advertising your books. They used to give out these book markers to people to use so that they won’t fold pages and spoil the books. I have a habit of asking for book markers whether they are giving or not and for 5 straight months they gave me ‘Mark Gimenez’ book markers. I do plan to read up all of your other books as well. I checked in the library and they had ‘The Accused’. I am not sure about the others but I do plan to leave a request for every single one of your books. You’ve got a fan here Mark. Keep up the good work. I pray that all your books are as good as ‘The Color of Law’ and then even better and that all of them get critical as well as commercial success.

USA: Oh, my, to say that your books are “awesome” is an understatement. The Color of Law is fabulous.  Your two other books are on order with Amazon. I stayed up all night reading “The Perk.” The book was so real I could have reached out, touched and held each character.  I prayed for Annie to get well and cried when she sent her last email to J.B.  The characters appeared as real people in my dreams.  My heart ached when Meggie put her doll on her mother’s grave.

AUSTRALIA: Just a note to say how I really enjoy your books.  Just finished “Accused” and absolutely loved it.  Looking forward to more of the same.  I hope there is one coming up with A.Scott in his new role as Judge.

UK: You have done it again –“ Accused” is a brilliant page-turner. Sometimes when I read a sequel to a book I find it difficult to recall the characters and their connection to each other from the previous book that I read at least a year ago. You handled this brilliantly and very quickly you reminded the reader of the ins and outs of the previous book.  Thank you. Another winner Mark and I hope you top the charts in the UK as well as the USA. Now the next question and I suspect sometimes the authors treadmill. When can I look forward to your next book? Again, well done – thank you for a superb read.

USA: Your books are excellent. I’ve read only The Color of Law and Abduction, but the writing is phenomenal and I am hooked. I picked up your book at my Cape Cod library and finished The Color of Law in a night, enjoying every page. I’ve recommended you to all of my coworkers and friends, I myself am a law school student studying at Vanderbilt U. Thank you so much for your books and I look forward to Accused!

UK: I’m a retired teacher, and an avid reader, from England and I just wanted to say that your novel [The Colour of Law] is the best book I’ve read in many a year. Congratulations and thank you. I’m looking forward to discovering the other novels you’ve written.

USA: I just finished listening to your book The Abduction, and it was FABULOUS!!!  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it!!!  Thanks for the wonderful book!

USA: Outstanding! Just received and read Accused. Tremendous story, super ending.

SINGAPORE: Let me finish, the Perk and The common lawyer titles. You have the total package to deliver your story. The way you are able to go inside the mind of any characters you narrate is fantastic. It’s about human psychology that deals with motivations like power, money sex etc. Sometimes some of us have to take the decision to do what is right even if it going to cost whom we love most, our family and love ones. God Bless You and Good luck.

UK: I recently re-read The Abduction, and I found it just as exciting and thought provoking the second time around as the first.

CANADA: I just finished The Abduction.  Awesome, wonderful and at least 8 other adjectives.  I did the audiobook and felt like I was right there.  Love how you brought out the flaws and foibles of each character, especially Gracie and Sam.  My question is:  Will there be any follow-up story on this family now that everybody is making nice? I had not ready anything by you before, but am going to remedy that today.  A new fan.

USA: You have got to be one of the very very very best writers!  First I read The Abduction and was blown away by your wrap up–although I had read all those facts in the book, your wrap up made more things stand out! Bravo!  And now The Color of Law–your portrayal of each character let me “see them”–the children were adorable. The comparison of the lawyer life and the prostitute life was very funny.  You are excellent! Now to order your next two books. Please write quickly–I’ll be out of your books within a couple weeks, and then what’ll I do?

USA: A while back I had emailed you about not being able to find The Perk in the U.S.  I had purchased it in Dublin.  I had raved about it to my book club and they were all interested.   I loaned it to my sister and it was left in Curacao.  Recently a friend was going to Ireland and he picked up another copy for me.  I’m on my way to book club now and will let the members pass it around. Now, I see you have a new book.  Once again, not published in the U.S.  What is wrong with your publishers!!!!  Is there a source for obtaining the book – or do I once again have to wait to get in from another country?

USA: Thanks for an incredible fantastic WOW read on THE PERK about Fredericksburg. Loved all the inside info –some new info which I did not know having lived here 7 years.

SOUTH AFRICA: No question BUT just to say thank you for some brilliant reading. I bought The Abduction through Leisure Books last year and loved it, in November my husband who reads very seldom read it. He was so impressed that he even moaned at me for not telling him it was so good and on the book shelf. In Dec I bought The Perk and found it as good, my husband watched over my shoulder to get it once I was finished. Yesterday I bought The Color of Law and have dived in. I will definitely be looking out for your next book.

USA: I am such a fan of your.  The Color of Law was without a doubt my favorite book ever.  It would make a fabulous movie.  I also very much loved The Abduction, and am anxiously awaiting your next 2 books.  Do you see them available in the US anytime soon?

USA: Will you please let me know if/when The Common Lawyer and The Perk become available in the United States?  I recently “discovered” The Color of Law and The Abduction at our library.  Putting down The Color of Law was next to impossible.  As soon as I finished it, I started The Abduction.  I’m making myself drag out The Abduction as I simply don’t want to finish it until I can start another of your books.  I fully intend to read each book again. In addition to being brilliantly written thrillers that make me feel that “I’m there in person,” genuine caring comes from some of the people in the books.

USA: I literally just finished The Color of Law and loved it. It’s after 3:00 am, but I had to finish it. I have lived and practiced in Las Vegas for almost fifteen years now. However, before that, I spent my entire life (with some exceptions for outta state schooling) in the Great State of Texas — mostly in the small town where I grew up west of Ft. Worth. I’ve been home with my Mother here since my Dad died shortly before Thanksgiving. While here, a relative gave me your book and I just wanted to let ya know how much I enjoyed it and how it has helped me take my mind off of missing my Dad so much. I know it may seem strange that someone would write this to you, but I just wanted you to know you helped a fellow Texan and attorney through a very difficult time by simply providing a good hearted, fun and enjoyable read.

USA: I happened to pick up your book “The Color of Law” at a book store in Western New York State.  I LOVED it!  I passed it on to my father who also could NOT put it down.  We had to have more, so I went on-line to see where I could find more of your books and discovered you are printed (mostly) in the UK.  Fortunately for me, I am engaged to be married to a man from England!  His parents are on their way to the States this Wednesday for the holidays and are bringing the remaining 3 books that are mentioned on your web page!  Lucky for me (and my Dad), not so lucky for the rest of the people in the US.  Just wanted you to know we really enjoy your books.  So much so that I’m having them hand delivered from England!  Keep them coming and get printed in the States, please!!!

USA: I’ve read your book The Perk.   I loved it!!  My husband and I grew up in Fredericksburg – I can’t believe how accurate you were with so many details. Also I am a white German girl and the prejudice that you expressed was on the nose.  He and I were high school sweethearts that were not allowed to date.

UK: I’ve got to say that I’ve now read The Abduction & The Perk. Both have made me cry, laugh and appreciate life. So I’ve just purchased The Colour of Law. So why am I writing you ask, well it’s because I thought you might like to know that it’s been several years since I read at all. My arms are not long enough now! As I was going on vacation my wife persuaded me to take a book for the flight (4hrs+). I’m glad I did, so thank you. Keep it up.

USA: It took me awhile before I had some time to myself, but finally I had the pleasure of spending some down time with your excellent book, The Perk.  Thank you again for sharing it with me!  I appreciated your insights into the immigration issues in Texas.  I come from Swiss/German decent, my ancestors having settled in Taylor, TX to farm after a boat ride into the port at Ellis Island in 1900.  They eventually moved to Oak Cliff (the community of Lisbon specifically) where my grandfather spent his working career pouring concrete for the city works of Dallas. The plight of the immigrant in 2009 doesn’t appear to have much improved since the early 1900s.  Thank you for making me more aware. Best wishes on the publication of your following books and eventual movie opportunities.  You are a very gifted author.  I enjoy and admire your style, your research, your clever and subtle sense of humor, and your versatility.

USA: My colleagues at work and I all enjoyed The Color of Law and The Abduction. You have become the favorite author of the office. I am visiting friends in England for New Year’s and I have promised to return with the Perk and the Common Lawyer. We all hope that you get better distribution in the US. Thanks for your good work, and keep on writing.

USA: As a practicing lawyer myself, I have very little time to read “for pleasure.”  On my way home from a recent business trip, I had packed your book in my carry on “just in case” I did not have any “work” to read.   When a mechanical repair to the plane caused us to sit at the gate for an hour, I decided to pull it out and read a few pages.  I could not put it down and actually wished the flight had been longer so I could have finished it.  I thought about where the story was going the whole night and could not wait to get back to finish it.  I usually have books “figured out” well before the end, but your book kept me guessing (and interested) to the last pages.  The story was complex and interesting, but not challenging or overwhelming for the reader.  The characters were realistic and I genuinely became engrossed in their lives and the story you were telling.  Considering how many books I have read that leave me with the feeling that I should have spent my “free” time more wisely, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book.

USA: It is Tuesday night and I have finished The Perk.  What a great, sensitive story.  It makes you want to go out and try to change the wrongs in the world and ALSO appreciate your family and friends more. I can’t talk to my husband about it because he is only on page 60 but he will finish it soon so I will have someone to discuss the story with.  I hated for it to end.  Why in the world is this not being published in the US?

USA: I just finished reading The Abduction and it is by far the best book I have ever read. I consider it also to be the best written book ever! Loved Gracie and the other characters also. Can’t wait to read your other books! You really know how to hold the reader’s attention.

USA: Your book, The Color of the Law, was the best that I have read in years. Your second book was also quite enjoyable. I told my friends and family about you. They love your writing also. Now I am stuck.  How do I get your new books?  My whole family is waiting for your answer.

SOUTH AFRICA: I’m sure you have hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, but in South Africa, I’m sure I’m the biggest! I just by chance got hold of “The colour of law” and enjoyed it so much that I read all your others one after the other! When can I expect your next?